The art of the wine press is a mixture of happy coincidence, knowledge of chemical processes and excellent raw ¬materials. Plenty of instinct for knowing what is essential and what is the right point in time round off the equipment needed to scale the Olympus of viniculture.

Density, colour and structure of the wine are and always remain the work of Man and Nature. The places of origin are the vineyards where the weather conditions call the shots and meticulous manual work is needed: careful trimming, leaf-work, thinning-out and many small and large movements of the hands lead to the top quality that is standard for us.

In the wine cellars, the wine finally receives its form, colour and fine tuning. We are particularly precise about cleanliness in the cellar. This is not a special quirk of ours, but something that goes entirely without saying!


Sie können unsere Weine in Deutschland auch bei Hieber Wein beziehen. Weitere Informationen zu unseren Vertriebspartner in Deutschland finden Sie hier